This is an article about Heather Donahue's documentary proposal. For information about the movie released by Artisan Entertainment, see The Blair Witch Project (movie).

The Blair Witch Project was a student film thesis by Heather Donahue for her film class with Mr. DeCoto.

Dated April 18, 1994, The Blair Witch Project was to be a documentary about the Burkittsville-area legend of the Blair Witch. She intended to tell the story of the Blair Witch through interviews with Burkittsville natives, local law enforcement officials on the Rustin Parr case, and folklore experts. The heart of the documentary would be a weekend hike into the Black Hills Forest to visit some of the locations associated with the legend.

Joshua Leonard was hired as the director of photography and his friend Michael Williams did sound.

The three students went missing in the Black Hills Forest and were never found.

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