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Michael C. Williams (1973 – 1994) was a part-time student at Montgomery College who disappeared while filming on the Blair Witch with Joshua Leonard and his friend Heather Donahue.

Michael on first day of shooting in Burkittsville cemetary

Childhood Edit

Michael was very close with his older brother Tom.

As a kid, he liked to break the family's Golden Rule of no cursing in the house, in order to push the limits.

Mike became friends with Joshua Leonard and they often went out drinking together.

The Blair Witch Project Edit

Main article: The Blair Witch Project
Michael enjoyed doing sound, so when his friend Josh asked him to help out on Heather Donahue's Blair Witch Project he accepted.
Mike posing with his DAT the first day of the shoot

Michael on first day of shooting

Mike, Josh and Heather headed into the Black Hills Forest to visit some of the locations associated with the legend, but none of them ever returned. After ten days and thousands of man-hours of searching, the only piece of evidence found was Josh's car.

The footage of the students' was found a year later. In his last known moments, Mike was searching through an old house for Josh, who was missing the day before. He thought he heard Josh in the basement, and when he went to check, his camera started to shake as if he were in a fight and it fell to the ground. Through Heather's camera, her footage found Mike facing a corner in the basement before her camera fell. Mike's last moments seem to be reminiscent of what Rustin Parr did to
The blair witch project 05-19

Michael's last moments on film

the Burkittsville Seven.

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