Lloyd Wellen's Farming Journal was a simple lined journal, in which Mr. Lloyd Wellen recorded the events of his farm in Burkittsville. The earliest known entries in the journal date back to 1824.

Known Entries Edit

May 15, 1829

Delivered twin calves this morning. Moving the entire heard to the Fallow Pasture because three cattle died from drinking creek water. Using the pond instead. I expect the town council's going to look into this mess. Parson's lost a few of his livestock as well. Bessie wantin me to out bay but I'm a bit tired from the harvest.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The diary mentions being exhausted from the harvest, but by the date of the entry harvest would have been months away.
  • The only known entries in the journal go from 1825 to 1829, then back to 1825.

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