These rules are for chat only, but can and/or will be used on the wiki, as well.

Chat Rules

  • No trolling anybody, especially the ones with the star by their name.
​'​'I get this a lot, so I'm only going to say this once: Those users with the star by them are Admins and/or Chatmods. Don't screw with them, and they won't screw with you. Period.
  • No excessive swearing shall be permitted.

It's alright if you say it once or twice (we all say it sometime), but if you're going to replace every word with "fuck" or "shit", then you might need to leave for a while.

  • If you feel like someone is threatening you in any way, contact either a Chatmod or Admin, if any are available.

​This should only apply if there is no Administrator or Chatmod in the Chat with you. We're not going to let it happen if we are in there, however, so rest assured.

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