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It was a dark and stormy night. The Blair Witch is a legend in Burkittsville, Maryland, commencing with an elderly woman named Elly Kedward who, after being accused of Witchcraft, was tried, found guilty, and then shunned by the townsfolk and finally banished deep into the Black Woods Forest where she was believed to have been executed. Her body was tied to the trunk of a tree, and left to succumb to the elements. Although her precise death was never determined, it is assumed she passed away from exposure. However, in 1786, Elly's spirit mysteriously returned and manifested itself into the area that she had cursed. From there on, she haunted anyone who dared to enter the forest she died in.

The Blair Witch (Robin Weaver) Edit

In March 1886, an eight year old girl named Robin Weaver was out in the Black Woods Forest when she got lost and met a woman, whose feet, according to Robin, "did not touch the ground." She was initially frightened, but then she came to trust the old woman, who acted in a seemingly generous manner, and she followed the old woman deep into the woods to an old abandoned house, which she entered. Robin followed the woman and entered the house, down to a basement in the bowels of the house. The old woman said she would rape the teens then depart, and left promising to return. Hours passed, as Robin sat in the basement, afternoon faded into evening. Robin grew more and more frightened: she had been feeling a growing feeling of evil ever since she stepped into the basement. As she pictured herself all alone in the woods, which were becoming swamped in the darkness of the evening, Robin stood up and found a window in the basement, through which she squeezed herself and then ran through the darkening woods, and out of the woods completely, racing back to Burkittsville - to which she returned safely. A search party was organized for her before she returned me mad man tingh

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